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Polios Legacy An Oral History

polios legacy an oral history

Polio's Legacy: An Oral History by Edmund J. Sass (Author), George Gottfried (Author), Anthony Sorem (Author) & 0 more 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings

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Polio's Legacy will be of prime interest to those in the medical field and anyone who wants to see the reality of the individual's fight for life. This book shows readers the reality of polio and how it alters human lives. Thirty-five polio survivors open their hearts to explain their experiences--the day they were diagnosed with polio, their ...

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Polio's Legacy: An Oral History - Edmund J. Sass - Google Books. This book shows readers the reality of polio and how it alters human lives. Thirty-five polio survivors open their hearts to explain their experiences the day they were diagnosed with polio, their initial hospital stay, the therapy and the treatments they received, and the effects of polio on their childhood, youth, adulthood, and relationships with others.

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Oral histories Polio eradication history is happening as we document it. “…much of the wealth of the GPEI’s lessons will never be captured in textbooks or academic articles because many of the details, especially with regard to what didn’t work, will survive only in the knowledge and experience of the thousands of individuals who worked at the various levels of this global initiative ...

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The SEIU District 925 Legacy Project, conducted 2005-2007, aimed through a series of oral history interviews to chronicle the organization’s 20-year history (1981-2001) and provide insight into the relationship between the women’s movement and organized labor, during a time of great social and technological change.

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Polio's Legacy: An Oral History

History of Polio In the early 20th century, polio was one of the most feared diseases in industrialized countries, paralysing hundreds of thousands of children every year. Soon after the introduction of effective vaccines in the 1950s and 1960s however, polio was brought under control and practically eliminated as a public health problem in ...

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The above polio history is a revised version of Chapter 1 of my book, Polio's Legacy: An Oral History (Sass, 1996). This page was posted by Edmund Sass, Ed. D. and was last updated March 16, 2014. You may e-mail him at esass@csbsju.edu See the references for this page. Back the Polio History Pages

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1908, Karl Landsteiner and Erwin Popper identify a virus as the cause of polio by transmitting the disease to a monkey.. 1916, large epidemic of polio within the United States.. 1921, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) contracts polio at age 39. His example has a major impact on public perceptions of individuals with disabilities.

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The American West Center at the University of Utah and the Fort Douglas Military Museum administer an oral history project called Saving the Legacy: An Oral History of Utah's Veterans. Veterans, living in Utah, from all of the services and ranks, and all wars* are being interviewed by university researchers.

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Home » History and Legacy » Oral History Oral History. The Vietnam War Commemoration Oral History Project collects and preserves video-recorded interviews of Vietnam veterans and their family members. Their stories provide the public with a clearer picture of military service and the effect of that service on the people waiting back home. It ...

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Home » History and Legacy » Oral History Full Oral History Collection. Jose Anzaldua. Marine Corps Major (Ret) Jose Anzaldua describes his experiences as an intelligence scout for the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as the challenges he faced as a prisoner of war from 1969 to 1973 at camps on the Vietnam-Laotian border and in Hanoi (Hanoi Hilton).

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The Oral History Review Victims of polio recount their experiences, in chapters such as Of Iron Lungs and Wheelchairs, Under the Knife, Adult Polio, Old Timers, Complete (or Almost Complete) Recovery, Active Lives, and Late Effects.

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Back the Polio History Page Much of the information on this page is from Chapter 1 of my book, Polio's Legacy: An Oral History (Sass, 1996) which is available from University Press of America This page was posted by Edmund Sass, Ed. D.. You may e-mail him at esass@csbsju.edu

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Oral History. Organizations and Agencies. IHPA Legacy; Mogerman, Susan Susan Mogerman served as Executive Director for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) from 1991 through 2002, during the crucial years when the planning, design and construction of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) took place. ...

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This site explores the history of polio, the science and philanthropy behind the vaccines, the experiences of people who contracted polio and their influence on American culture, and current global efforts at stopping transmission of the poliovirus.

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 26, 2020) — As nonprofit Appalshop celebrates its golden anniversary serving as one of Appalachia’s most celebrated hubs of creativity, University of Kentucky Libraries’ Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History in partnership with UK alumnus and historian Jeff Keith have launched a collection of more than 50 interviews on the beloved organization online.

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For extensive background on the development of polio vaccines, visit our polio vaccine timeline.. Few diseases frightened parents more in the early part of the 20 th century than did polio. Polio struck in the warm summer months, sweeping through towns in epidemics every few years.

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And while you’re at it, record those conversations for the Oak Park Oral History Project! This new digital library initiative captures and shares local oral histories through an online collection. “It’s so interesting to hear people’s experiences and find that there is so much we all have in common,” says Digital Learning Librarian ...

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“It is truly precious, beyond words, to have this film of my father as a keepsake” Through Oral History, or Legacy videos, we hope to link current and future generations to their roots using the legacy videos we create of their family’s history.We are a creative and well managed team of passionate storytellers, oral historians and documentary filmmakers based in Boston.

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Founded in 2005, the Chicago History Museum’s Studs Terkel Center for Oral History collaborates with community partners to promote oral history as a tool of social justice. Through documenting diverse Chicago voices, the center carries forward the legacy of well-known actor, DJ, oral historian, journalist, and writer Studs Terkel.

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The John W. Gardner Legacy Oral History Project, which began in early 2017, is sponsored by the Haas Center for Public Service, the Stanford Historical Society Oral History Program, the John W. Gardner Center for Youth & Their Communities, the Gardner Family Trust, and the Stanford University Libraries Special Collections & University Archives.

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Polios Legacy An Oral History

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Polios Legacy An Oral History